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John Wayne


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John Wayne related news:

A Look Back: John Wayne and the famed 'Wild Goose'

True Grit remake is coming

14th Annual John Wayne Shootout is underway near San Luis Obispo

'Shootist' screenwriter to speak at BBHC

'Cowboys' exhibit will soon ride off into the sunset

Shadow of the Shootist

John Wayne is still as charismatic as ever


John Wayne Centennial Event - May 24 - Open to the public

The Dixie Theater celebrates the 100th anniversary of John Wayne’s Birth

Iowa Lottery releases game for centennial of Wayne's birth

Hometown to celebrate Wayne at 100

HONDO to Premiere in Digital 3D in the Cannes Classics Program

Larry King to receive True Grit Award

John Wayne Cancer Institute Holds 22nd Annual Odyssey Ball

The Duke rides again

John Wayne Days @ Old Tucson Studios

Interview with Ethan and Patrick Wayne


In his town, Duke plays the Quiet Man

Stuntman Jack Williams, 86, Dies

Roscoe Lee Browne - died at 81

Saddle up, film buffs

Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez, dies at 80

John Wayne Still Biggest Movie Money-Maker

John Wayne listed in the "Top List of Dead Celebs"

John Wayne remains a favorite

Five Films from One Hollywood Legend -- John Wayne

Rare Wayne Classics to Make Way to DVD!

Stamp to Honor Movie Hero John Wayne

Book Review: 'Hal Wallis: Producer to the Stars'

Wayne Flies over "The O.C."

Maureen O'Hara Pens New Autobiography

Kim Darby to share memories of 'True Grit' set

U.S. Postal Service honors the "Duke" in Commemorative Stamps Series

Western Movie Villain Jack Elam Dies

Stalin plotted to kill John Wayne

Actress Katharine Hepburn Dies at 96

Michael Wayne, 68; Producer, Guardian of His Father's Legacy

John Wayne's Eldest Son Dies at 68

Michael Wayne, Son of Actor John Wayne, Dies at 68

Jwayne.com's new forum online!!

Christmas with the Duke - TBS Superstation

Demolition Planned For John Wayne's Former Waterfront Home

Actor James Gregory Dies

Ron Howard Tells The Real Alamo Story

The Quiet Man DVD update

Some movies filmed in Hawaii

Newly remastered special-editions DVD of Rio Bravo and The Quiet Man


Duke's "Alamo" in decay

James Arness still watches the series that made him a star

May 26, 2002: John Wayne's 95th Birthday

Golden Boot Award winners August 10, 2002

Duke's Hollywood Cowboys presents the DUKE'S 95TH BIRTHDAY PARTY

Actor John Agar Dies at 81

John Agar 1921-2002

17th annual Odyssey Ball, to benefit John Wayne Cancer Institute

The Alamo Village protected, and to be restored.

Celebrating Duke's 95th Birthday at the Old Tucson Studios

There's more to Oscar than meets the eye.

Anti-smokers ought to butt out of movies

Duke's Hollywood Cowboys is proud to announce the celebration of John Wayne's 95th Birthday

View the Alamo via a web cam!

Mel Gibson steps into Duke's combat boots

Roy Rogers Saddle Set Sold for $412,000

Fabian Gets a Hollywood Star

John Wayne Reminds Us of America's Wonder With CD Tribute

Maureen O'Hara - The Queen of Technicolor

A Website recounts the filming of John Wayne's "McQ".

Harrison's death could help smokers quit - (A John Wayne mention)

Western pic helmer Boetticher, 85, dies

Julia and Our Fave Non-Working Stars! - New Harris Poll Out

3 Minutes of Patriotism on Film

Cadillac,Too,Shifting Focus to Trucks -(John Wayne mentioned)

The Duke shows red, white & blue grit

John Mitchum, 82; Veteran Character Actor

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